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Top 5 Tips for saving time around the yard!

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I know we all think there needs to be more time in the day so I am going to let you in on my secrets to saving time around the yard because we all know the best time is with our ponies rather than doing chores!

Tip 1

Make up haynets and feeds for the next day. I have loads of haynets and feeds already to go so I don’t have to waste time filling them up every day. Yes, my area of the yard looks overgrown with haynets but it helps so much!!!

Tip 2

So, this next one someone told me many years ago when I used to help out on a riding school…. Don’t walk anywhere on the yard without something in your hands. And no, I don’t mean your phone!! It just saves time rather than going on a million trips around the yard.

Tip 3

Get a tack trolley….life saver!! especially when your tack room is a long way from your stable. Yes you will look like you’re a trolley dolly on a plane but it will save both time and your arms. On mine I have my saddle, bridle, brushes, boots, massage pad, bathing stuff and a Dri Rug (and the kitchen sink).

Tip 4

The humble poop scoop. A very underestimated piece of kit around my stable. I take out anything from the stable when I’m there, so it saves me time in the morning when I do a full muck out. Also keeps the stable looking super FRESH.

Tip 5

Ok so this isn’t technically one for the horses BUT dry shampoo ladies. Again another bloomin life saver when I was working full time as a primary school teacher, but even now having that fresh hair smell after the yard is just so much better than smelling like a farm worker!!

So there you have it my 5 top tips for saving time around the yard …. Let me know what you guys do to save time (we can all do with more hours in the day for sure!!!)

Clare xx

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