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A Little Bit About Me

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Guys, its finally here the CLH Equestrian Community that’s going to give that extra something something for you.

So, what better way to start than with a little bit about me (yes the chocolate loving, bling obsessed horse lover behind the computer screen).

I’m Clare a twenty something dressage rider born in the city but making my dreams happen in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, UK. I have been obsessed with horses since before I can remember and can always remember pestering my dad about getting me one (sorry Dad!).

It took a long time to convince him …. Believe me!!!

My horse came when I was 16 and unfortunately for him, I transformed him into a dressage diva (he would much rather have jumped around a terrifying cross-country track) and my love of dressage grew even stronger.

Then came the big boys and girls after Jack my first horse got injured. And along came the injuries to me as well. Broken bones, many falls and lots of learning – more of that part of the story later on!! I eventually found my dream dancing partner Teds just over 5 years ago and the rest is history. He has helped me achieve so much already, tailcoats, my first premier league and first England representation.

Its down to him that I took the plunge and decided to quit my full-time teaching job to open up CLH Equestrian.

But its all just the start!

Yes, I know I’m not from your conventional horsey family. I haven’t had top class horses handed to me on a plate. I’ve had to work damn hard at what I am doing as I know I’m not the most talented rider out there (hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work right!?) but all of these struggles just make what I am doing so much more worthwhile.

Guys I confess I LOVE MY LIFE at the moment (its everything I always wanted to do – OK I don’t have my own swanky yard yet…. give me a few more years!!).

But for now, that’s enough about me (I hate talking about myself!) and go and take a look around…. you can see all of my current horses, plus my dream team of sponsors, diary dates and my DREAMBOARD (and you need to get one too!)

Lots of love

Clare xxx

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