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What is this page about???

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

So what do I want CLH Equestrian and the CLH Community to be about?

I want it to be somewhere we can all hang out, learn from each other, share the highs and lows of this crazy roller coaster with horses (and there are lots of them for sure) but most of all spread positivity within the equestrian community.

We have all heard the odd nasty comment from people around the yard … hell we might have even said some ourselves, I’m not here to judge, but its time to change. We spend so bloomin long with these horses that why are we not making this a positive experience for ourselves.

So welcome in!!!

What you are going to find on here is blogs with tips, tricks and handy hints along with a bit of rubbish about what’s going on in my life. There’s also going to be links over to my social media on FB and IG where I’ll be doing lives and other bits and bobs. By signing up to the CLH community you’ll also get exclusive videos, different exercises and cool videos to keep you guys motivated and positive.

But for now, go and check out my other blog posts or maybe head on over to my dream board to get a bit of inspo.

Lots of love

Clare xx

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