"I have never achieved so much having lessons with someone as what I have with Clare . She has this amazing ability to know exactly how to solve little quirks and issues. "

Emma Chalk

"I have now taken both my ponies for lessons with Clare and although they are completely different in attitude and at different stages of training . I am very impressed with Clare's ability to quickly work out horses and riders. "

Lisa Pressey

"First lesson today with Clare and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend. Thank you."

Sarah Becheley

"Totally recommend Clare, my lazy pony is transforming into a little dressage pony with her help and patience and is actually learning to go forwards"

Nadia Dovey

"Clare is extremely understanding when it comes to my slightly quirky boy. She is very supportive and has given us the push we needed to get back out there and getting us up to the next level. "

Charlotte Jewell

"Clare was amazing and in the short time given i felt we had achieves a lot especially not having a lesson since last year. She was kind, sympathetic and patient all the while being supportive. "

Jenny Mitchell

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